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We recommend that you browse our design center and research links prior to setting an appointment to have your cabinets designed.  You would be surprised at the number of available options that may be added to your cabinets from motorized lifts to lazy Susan's.
Please visit Auton (Motorized Lifts) or MyKnobs (Knobs) for a much more comprehensive selection.
Plasma Raise/Lower Lift:
Have your plasma TV raise out of a cabinet.

Plasma Raise/ Swivel Lift:
Have your plasma TV raise out of a cabinet and swivel to the perfect viewing angle.

Hardware with classic designs with the emphasis on originality, quality, and Innovative features.
Classic Brass
Solid brass hardware finished by hand, with the finest acrylic lacquer to achieve the finest quality finishes available in the USA.
Carpe Diem
Enjoy in the knowledge that Carpe Diem comes to you from the heart and soul of its founder.
Decorative furniture fittings from - with the unmistakable signature of the world-famous designer Luigi Colani ... let yourself be inspired.
A luxury design house in the romantic tradition DIGS cannot be confined by convention.
Earth to Peter
All Pewter Knobs and Pulls are cast and finished by hand, giving each piece its own individual warmth and charm, available in four finishes.
Art in Stone
Knobs, handles, drawer pulls and Switch plates in a variety of stone options and designs.
Artisan Knobs
Artisan Knobs, springs from the tradition of artisan as artist, in which the intention of the artist lives through his craftsmanship.pad
Provide a coordination and design synergy to contribute to a range of interior concepts to allow you to truly personalize your space.
Italbrass offers Italian grace and style to any kitchen or bath providing all your hardware needs.
Jazzy Hardware
Unique Design Knobs for Kitchen Cabinets Handcrafted from solid pewter.
This collection of knobs and pulls have a popular western theme.
LB Brass
Classic French Imported Hardware
LW Designs
A fine pewter in a comprehensive collection of styles to suit every taste. Each piece is hand rubbed to a satin finish.
Megna Glass
The Megna Glass Studio has developed a unique product line, specializing in his mouth blown glass cabinet and doorknobs, chandeliers and sculptures.
Liberty Hardware
Liberty Hardware has built its reputation by offering a comprehensive line of high quality cabinet hardware at the lowest cost.
Below is just a sampling of the many different kinds of convenience options we can customize to your specification:
Wall Spice Rack Cabinet:
Used for food prep/food storage

Diagonal Wall with Tabour & Lazy Susan:
Used for food storage (top) and food prep (bottom)
Wall Spice Rack Cabinet with Revolving Insert:
Used for food prep/food storage
Base with Tray Divider:
Used for cooking/baking
Roll-out Base with Drawers and without Drawers:
Used for food prep, cooking/baking or food storage
Base Cabinet Full Widths with Sliding Shelves and Swing- outs:
Used for food prep, cooking/baking
Super Susan:
Used for food prep, food storage
Base Easy Reach Cabinet:
Used for food prep, cooking/baking, food storage
Base Cooking Center Cabinet:
Used for food prep, clean-up, cooking/baking
Base Open Basket Cabinet:
Used for display, storage
Base Pantry Pullout:
Used for food storage
Base Recycle Cabinet:
Used for clean up
Trash Basket Base:
Used for clean up
Tall Pantry Units:
Used for food storage
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