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Woodenbridge is able to make hundreds of custom mouldings to meet you specialized needs. Click on the links below for more detail.
You can view the complete listing of Custom Mouldings here or only the relevant pages below.
1-11: Casings
12-19: Base, Panel & Band Mouldings; Bases; Chair Rails
20-24: Outside Mouldings
25: Crown Mouldings, Bed Mouldings
26-29: Window & Door Stops, Stops
30-31: Drip Caps
32-33: Stools
34-36: Porch & Hand Rails
37: Quarter Round, Half Round, Nose & Cove
38: Chair Rails, Caps & Shoes
39: Nose & Cove, Band, Brick Mouldings
40: Brick Mouldings
41: Astragals
42: Glass Beads, Screen Mouldings
43: Balusters & Full Rounds, Partition Moulding, Mirror Mould
44: Corner Molding, Shelf Cleats, Shoe Moulding
45-46: Cap Mouldings
47: Picture Mouldings, Lattice Strips, Band Moulding, Floor Moulding, Nose & Cove
48: Picture Mouldings, Panel Moulding, Floor Mouldings
49: Misc, Thresholds

Williams & Hussey (W&H) Molder
The W&H molder enables Woodenbridge to make hundreds of standard mouldings. In addition, using our Delta grinder, we can grind custom molding knives to create an unlimited number of custom mouldings. The W&H Molder's 2 knife system enables us to cut an entire profile in a single pass.
EJ92 Elliptical Jig
When the EJ92 Elliptical Jig is mounted on our W&H Molder, we can produce elliptical moulding from a 7" radius with a maximum stock of 6 1/2".
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