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Below is some marketing literature that provides a brief overview of Woodenbridge and how we operate.

At Woodenbridge, the approach to cabinetry making is centuries old. The tools, however, are decidedly next generation.

It’s that combination of timeless quality and cutting edge technology that sets Woodenbridge apart. It’s what enables them to speed up the cabinetry and furniture making process, while paying attention to even the smallest of details. And, with a century of experience between them, it’s what makes the craftsmen at Woodenbridge as passionate about cabinetry as they are skilled in creating it.

It starts with a powerful CAD system and an efficient online review process. Every rendering is reviewed and approved - online or in the Woodenbridge design showroom - before the first blade ever hits the wood. Just as important, the process at Woodenbridge is designed to work with builders and contractors plans, not around them. Which means drawings are created with careful attention to considerations such as electrical and plumbing systems.

The result? Builders jobs are made easier. Homeowners have cabinetry that they're proud of. And the team at Woodenbridge gets the satisfaction that can only come from a hard day's work.

From design and build through finish and installation, Woodenbridge brings the best of yesterday and today together as one.

Fine Joinery
• It's a new look • It's an old approach • It's saying we're not finished yet when others would close for the day • It's your grandfather's first tool • It's the rich color of the grain • It's in your blood • You don't live and breath this stuff it's much more important than that • It's history • It's pride • It's passion • Built into every cabinet, every table, every detail • Fine joinery • The right way • The proper way • A hard day's work • A good day's pay
San Jose, California
(408) 436-9663
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