What Is Working Capital? How to Calculate and Why It’s Important

But if you’re looking for a bookkeeping solution that can provide all your necessary financial statements with minimal input, Bench can help. For example, within auto parts retailers, Advance Auto Parts (AAP -2.21%) has a history of underperforming its peers AutoZone (AZO -0.19%) and O’Reilly Automotive (ORLY 0.32%) in terms of cash management. It doesn’t […]

3 1 Explain Contribution Margin and Calculate Contribution Margin per Unit, Contribution Margin Ratio, and Total Contribution Margin Principles of Accounting, Volume 2: Managerial Accounting

The contribution margin ratio is just one of many important financial metrics used for making better informed business decisions. The ratio can help businesses choose a pricing strategy that makes sure sales cover variable costs, with enough left over to contribute to both fixed expenses and profits. It can also be an invaluable tool for […]

Work in Process WIP Inventory Guide + Formula to Calculate

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Static budget definition

These variances are much smaller if a flexible budget is used instead, since a flexible budget is adjusted to take account of changes in actual sales volume. Budgets play a key role in helping companies track their finances, analyze their expenses, and identify ways to maximize their profits. A static budget is one that remains […]

Gross vs Net Learn the Difference Between Gross vs Net

Let’s work through two examples that were listed above and calculate the various gross vs net amounts. Specific expenses vary depending what is the difference between gross and net income on the type of industry and business entity type. Returns are credits you give a customer for returning a product they purchased. It’s also important […]

Equity Accounting Definition, Examples, Accounts

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How to Prevent Retail Shrinkage

On the other hand, if the retailer decides to reduce profit margins, they are looking at potentially serious damage to their bottom line and cash flow. Some vendors might even supply counterfeit or subpar merchandise, which retailers can lead to customer complaints and returns. Thorough training should include a crash course on shoplifting prevention. Discuss […]

Solved: How to unreconcile a monthly statement that has already by reconciled?

Start by reviewing a previous reconciliation report. If you reconciled a transaction by mistake, here’s how to unreconcile it. If you adjusted a reconciliation by mistake or need to start over, reach out to your accountant. Just like balancing your checkbook, you need to review your accounts in QuickBooks to make sure they match your bank […]

Manufacturing Overhead: Definition, Formula and Examples

The predetermined overhead rate is an estimation of overhead costs applicable to “work in progress” inventory during the accounting period. This is calculated by dividing the estimated manufacturing overhead costs by the allocation manufacturing overhead formula base, or estimated volume of production in terms of labor hours, labor cost, machine hours, or materials. Manufacturing overhead […]