A New COVID-19 Treatment Involving Fluvoxamine

An FDA-approved SSRI medication.

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You May Be Eligible For a New COVID Treatment Involving
Fluvoxamine, an FDA-approved SSRI Medication.

CityHealth is offering this treatment option to patients in high-risk demographics
who have recently tested positive for COVID and are symptomatic

Early trials show that Fluvoxamine, a $10 antidepressant medication, is effective at slowing the clinical deterioration of patients with COVID symptoms, reducing the need for hospitalization, and speeding recovery time.

To date, hundreds of patients with symptomatic COVID have been safely treated with Fluvoxamine

Who is Eligible?

CHUC is offering Fluvoxamine treatment to patients recently diagnosed with
COVID-19 and who are experiencing symptoms (such as fever, dry cough,
tiredness, and difficulty breathing).

This initial pilot project is available to patients at the greatest risk
for complications or hospitalizations:

Patients aged 65 or over

Patients with pre-existing conditions such
as diabetes, heart, or lung disease.

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What is the Treatment?

This treatment involves 50mg BID of Fluvoxamine twice a day for 14 days.

This treatment is supervised by a licensed clinician. Patients must consult with a physician before being prescribed Fluvoxamine. This is not a trial.


In real-world trials conducted by Dr. David Seftel, MD, 65 patients with COVID were treated twice daily with 50mg BID Fluvoxamine vs. a control group of 48 people who declined Fluvoxamine treatment.

The control group, who did not receive Fluxoxamine, had a 12.5% rate of hospitalization, and 60% were still symptomatic after two weeks.
After 14 days, the Fluvoxamine group had 0 hospitalizations and 0 residual symptoms after two weeks.

A study by Dr. Eric J. Lenze, MD, Dr. Caline Mattar, MD, and Dr. Charles F. Zorumski, MD, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that a group of COVID patients treated with Fluvoxamine had no clinical deterioration after 14 days of treatment. Patients treated with Fluvoxamine did not report shortness of breath and did not require hospitalization or supplemental oxygen after two weeks of Fluxovamine treatment.

Fluvoxamine’s effectiveness for combating COVID symptoms was first noticed in May 2020 at Sainte Anne mental hospital, when it was observed that staff were suffering from severe COVID symptoms at 3x the rate of patients (most of whom were being treated with SSRI medications), despite the patients having much higher comorbidities and risk factors for the disease.

In support of these growing findings, a clinical study has launched to
prove the effectiveness of Fluvoxamine in treating COVID symptoms (www.stopcovidtrial.com) and similar randomized studies in Brazil, Hungary,
and Korea. The FDA is being petitioned to allow a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for Fluvoxamine’s use to treat COVID.

Fluvoxamine has been FDA-approved since 2007 to treat OCD and social anxiety disorders, but doctors have been prescribing it “off-label” for years to treat several other disorders, such as Major Depressive Disorder, social phobias, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Fluvoxamine is not yet a common treatment for COVID-19 because Phase 3 FDA trials on its use to treat COVID are not yet complete (we’ve been using it safely for over 14 years to treat other illnesses). However, all medical evidence shows that Fluvoxamine is effective at preventing clinical deterioration of patients with COVID.

Find out if you are eligible for Fluvoxamine to treat your COVID symptoms.

Our Mission

As COVID continues to ravage our country and overload our hospitals, mounting evidence continues to demonstrate that Fluvoxamine is a safe and effective method of slowing clinical deterioration and reducing or eliminating COVID symptoms altogether – helping keep COVID patients out of hospitals and allowing them to recover, safely and quickly, at home.

CityHealth is pleased to offer this Fluvoxamine treatment option to high-risk patients who have recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. We encourage anyone who is COVID-19 positive and symptomatic to fill out a confidential screening questionnaire to see if they are eligible to receive Fluvoxamine treatment.

If you are not eligible today, you can join our mailing list, and we will keep you updated as eligibility options change.

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