And, of course, once you know your values, start living them. Research has found that having a purpose in life can lead to a variety of benefits, including reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. Maintaining a sense of purpose in midlife can even predict greater physical well-being. For example, one study showed that priming people with achievement values increased their success at completing a puzzle but made them less helpful to the experimenter. The value of achievement led them to act in ways that seemed likely to support achievement.

While you won’t be able to choose your favorite 5 out
of 10 (for example) and call them your own, you will notice some values that
stand out from the others and resonate with you. Everybody is different, and what makes one person happy may leave another person feeling anxious or disengaged. Defining your personal values and then living by them can help you to feel more fulfilled and to make choices that make you happy, even if they don’t make sense to other people. You’ll see how to go about doing that in the following sections. Common core values are essential to social cohesion but can also cause conflict or discrimination. You probably already have some guiding principles that inform your decision-making, leadership style, and overall disposition in your personal life or the workplace.

The value of unity is that everyone on a team
or in a group setting is respected. Unity breeds cooperation, increases
people’s enthusiasm, and furnishes an empowering atmosphere. When you value
unity, you believe in fostering a sense of belonging and improving everyone’s
wellbeing. Persistence is the determination to keep going, regardless of how you

It’s important to also be a receiver of these core values; if you value knowledge, it’s important to receive knowledge from others. Having core values will provide you with a sense of stability, direction, and peace of mind. Core values guide your decisions in your most difficult moments. It also covers what you believe are important in the way you live and work. Integrity is when you do the right thing, even when you’re not being watched. It’s being consistent and honest in your beliefs and decision-making.

Don’t be constrained by practical considerations at this stage. Just write down possibilities, even if you think you can’t afford them or don’t have time. So in this section, we’ll look at how to use your values to actually live your life and make decisions.

You can become grateful for the big things like having shelter, food, and great people in your life. You can also become grateful for the small things like the cup of coffee you just drank or the soft sheets on your bed. If you are empathetic towards others, you must be willing to put yourself in their shoes. This way, you can see the motivations behind their actions. The ultimate purpose of discipline is your acknowledgment that you need to make small and large sacrifices to get what you want.

Why Are Core Values Important?

Notice when you are in alignment with your values versus when you are betraying your core. However, someone who deeply values stability, security, and routine will craft their life differently. They may want to settle down, get married, and raise children in a nice neighborhood while working a corporate job. While they may vacation, they are less likely to make radical or spontaneous travel decisions like the example above.

You can learn a lot about your values by paying attention to what irritates you. Maybe a colleague rubs you the wrong way, a coworker upset you, or you found a task frustrating. Your feelings might be rooted in a contradiction of your values.

You believe in being honest wherever possible and you think it’s important to say what you really think. When you don’t speak your mind, you probably feel disappointed in yourself. Inner Work®️ is about exploring and connecting your internal self to the world around you. This means making the changes necessary to live your values every day. These small day-to-day tasks will help you live a life that adheres to your values.

Personal Growth / Health

It simply means that you have the ability to give something meaningful back whenever you take from someone else. Independence gives you control over your own life and it makes you a creator rather than a user. As one of the principal characteristics of leadership, courage guarantees a lot of other great qualities in a leader.

How to Discover Your Next Career Move Amid the Great Resignation

In his book, Lost Connections, Johann Hari went on a journey of discovery to explore the root causes of depression, having been through the struggle himself. Many areas of society are superficial and informed by materialistic values — the thirst for fame, riches, success, and acquiring material things is a seductive idea. Factor in social media, celebrity worship, hyper-capitalism, and you find a breeding ground for what Johann Hari refers to as “junk values”. We love extra
features, “all-in-one” products, and things of the sort–and we also love saving money. Putting those two things together
undoubtedly makes versatility a common value among people.


They can be cultural or learned through watching your family and hearing their discussions about things they’re passionate about. Someone who values beauty will spend their money on clothing or makeup, while someone who values health will budget more for fresh food and supplements. Similarly, a person raised to value charity may donate their extra money to a charitable cause.

For example, a person who values freedom and adventure probably spends much of their time and money on travel. Maybe they decide not to have children or buy a house because they prefer to live as a digital nomad traveling the world. But when you get home, remember that you genuinely value financial security for your family more than flashy material items. Even if you had the money to buy that car, you wouldn’t do it because it doesn’t align with your deeper principles about life. Values are about how you would like to behave and relate in the world; so keep this in mind. As you answer each question, explore the underlying values that are meaningful for you.

Unique Things to Do With Friends

Coca-Cola demonstrates its diversity core value with its public Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page. As Google grows and develops more products, there is more tension and scrutiny. Ultimately, a core value doesn’t have much power if your company can’t list intentional, calculated decisions it’s made to put values ahead of profit. This move is a clear reflection of the company’s core values above. While your core values should always be consistent with your overall mission, don’t be afraid to make adjustments as your company grows.

In 2020 in Franklin County, property values increased 20% while the average tax bill increased 7%, according to the Franklin County auditor. While not every piece of feedback will be useful, it’s important to recognize these contributions. As you review updates from your team, you’ll want to compare these insights and start to look for patterns. Once you have some clear ideas of what you want to add or update, outline your next steps to put these changes into place. Since 2015, all REI stores close on Black Friday — perhaps the biggest shopping day of the year — so employees can enjoy time outdoors with friends and family. For Patagonia, company values aren’t just a few feel-good statements to put on the “About Us” page.

If you can really appreciate a good break from
hard work to have a laugh, you probably value playfulness. Letting your mind
relax is healthy in order to be really effective once you get back to work. Having a natural tendency to spend money
conservatively suggests that you value frugality. This also means you’re
looking toward the future and not focusing on immediate satisfaction. This isn’t just about knowing how to act professionally in the workplace. It is also about knowing how to be polite, use good manners, and be dependable in your everyday life.

Part of creating a set of company values is ensuring that employees buy into those ideas. So, if collecting feedback is an essential step, the next step has to be putting that feedback into action. In this post, we’ll explore why company values are important. We’ll show you how to create your core values and serve up some industry favorites for inspiration. And we’ll talk about how HubSpot created our culture code and work to grow better. The process may differ slightly depending on whether you are an early-stage start-up or an international company.

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