The Chewa some one, good Bantu cultural class indigenous to central and you will South Africa, may be the prominent ethnic classification during the Malawi

One of many Chewa, boys and you can girls aren’t designed to participate in sex before matrimony, and that most of the tricks to help you socially length all of them regarding the contrary sex

they are called AChewa. Their vocabulary is known as Chichewa. Phiri and the Banda comprise both most notable Chewa clans. The latest Phiri clan is actually with the leaders and you may aristocracy, therefore the Banda clan is actually of healers and mystics. They make-up a society of 1.5 million some one.

Brand new Chewa anyone means the brand new rite off wedding very carefully, that have more youthful men and women to prevent engaged and getting married very early. Constantly, parents are not meant to speak about affairs pertaining to relationships with its college students as it is essentially felt taboo.

In the rural setup, boys and you may girls was lifted within their parents’ homes or made to live-in surrounding huts, in addition to kitchens. After, whenever signs of puberty initiate showing, they are split from their parents’ home and begin living with other girls and you will boys. That it separation lets these to find out about way more activities on the adulthood, plus wedding. Boys are certainly not meant to start shaving the beards when you are located in their parents’ home.

Into the boys, asleep for the an effective mphala allows them to publicly speak about gains, ong the latest young people. The fresh new girls sleep in the latest gowelo in order to freely talk about affairs linked to their innovation and matrimony. It offers place for these young adults both to be experienced and you will legitimate within groups. This tenet can also help more youthful individuals to learn “ Umunthu ,” also referred to as Ubunt you, certainly almost every other tribes in the South Africa. Umunthu mode getting responsible for the action that takes because an enthusiastic personal.

One of many Chewa ‘ mtsibweni’ or malume (sibling on boy) provides the obligations to help you supervise new upbringing out of his nephew and you may make sure he or she is increasing according to Chewa people and you can try delivering full obligations from inside the family as he develops. Basically, mtsibweni will bring pointers and counseling, catering to your boy’s need and you will monitoring his development.

Getting girls, azakhali (aunt) is in charge of giving guidance and you can making certain all of their demands was out-of-the-way. She in addition to monitors their growth and steps in the neighborhood.

If sibling observes that the boy was grown up and you will are exhibiting need for girls, he always confronts him, threatening your which have words instance “women can be risky, and certainly will burn off you.” For example sentences are typically unknown but vital in the avoiding the boy from indulging when you look at the teenage sex and obtaining married from the a delicate many years. The guy cautiously communicates with girls and you may women in the city since an effect.

Boys sleep in what is actually also known as mphala (a home intended for boys of the identical age range), whenever you are girls sleep-in what is actually also known as gowelo (a property to possess girls of the identical age range)

Regardless of if their colleagues joke toward boy that he is today grown, he becomes enraged, arguing he’s still young – this considering the uncle’s influence meant to impede the latest boy regarding getting married early. That it reduce inhibits chisawawa (disorder) and you may, therefore, among the Chewa , folks are socially distanced. Within the church buildings, from the funerals, and other gatherings, they sit individually because of the principle or exercises that ladies can wreck otherwise shed men.

Among Chewa, you will find various methods of going partnered, and additionally an agreed upon relationships. Even though the practice is actually fading away, the newest Chewa habit created marriage ceremonies. If sibling observes his nephew is ready having relationship, he organizes with many older men inside people to test to influence him so you can get married new girl brand new cousin and other old men in the community possess accessible to. Typically brand new Chewa get married msuweni (cousin) as there try a conviction in keeping the fresh new clan to one another. Which customs is called kusunga mtundu (maybe not making it possible for clan people so you’re able to get married outside their own). Through this belief, they want to keep relations closer.

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